We are a social enterprise which helps individuals, non-for-profit and charitable organisations, communities and voluntary groups to survive and thrive.

We set up in 2011in response to the then Government’s vision of a ‘Big Society’ – when it became clear that the VCSE sector would need help to ride the wave of change about to hit them and set about providing the support and guidance they needed where it was lacking.

Our mission is to equip smaller organisations with entrepreneurial and sustainable business skills in their creative responses to the policy and localism agenda.

We support the VCSE sector to build its capacity and encourage people and members of community groups to become ‘Big Society’ activists and fundraisers – finding a voice in shaping local services and increasing their ability to meet the needs of the disadvantaged communities they care about.

The CIC combines the energies, experience and expertise of three well-established Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector (VCSE) consultancy businesses. Click on the thumbnails below to find out more.


eg consulting – led by Mark Ereira-Guyer

James Baddeley Consulting - led by James Baddeley

James Baddeley Consulting – led by James Baddeley

Mark and Jordan Blyth are directors. James is working as an associate consultant, as is Emma Bishton.

The team undertake their CIC work whilst still pursuing a wide range of their own consultancy assignments which amongst other outcomes have successfully fundraised over £24 million over the past 10 years for organisations based across the East of England, London, South-East, East Midlands (Leicester) and the North-West (especially Cumbria and Blackpool).

Screenshot 2015-02-03 at 08.00.35Four Years On – Review of our work ‘Building Better Opportunities & Optimism’